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Mobile Detailing

When we say, 'Serenity's does it all"...we mean it.  We consider your vehicle an extension of home in a way.  According to one Harvard study, the average person can spend almost 38,000 hours driving in their lifetime. Wow, that's a lot of time on the road!  Whether you're shuffling the kids to school, taking a family road trip, or just doing the daily work commute, your vehicle can see a substantial amount of use.  That's why we offer fully mobile detailing teams who can come right to you and detail your car inside and out right in your very own driveway.  Schedule a free service quote, and we can usually clean your vehicle same day too.

Exterior Detailing

Hand Wash - Wax - Claying

Tar/Bug/Tree Sap Removal

 Tire Shine - Wheel/Rim Dress 

Scratch/Scuff Repair

Paint Protection

Oxidation Removal

Engine Flush/Degreasing

Headlight Restoration

Our exterior details cover:

* Standard Sized Sedans *

* Full Size Trucks, Vans, & SUV's *

* 'Daily Driver' Vehicles *

* Sports Cars & Luxury Vehicles *

* Residential Use Cars *

* Commercial Vehicles *

Interior Detailing

Vacuum (Trash,Dirt,Sand)

Cleaning - Disinfecting

Dash - Crevices- Door Jambs

Pet Hair & Odor Removal


Leather Cleaning/Conditioning

Window Treatment     


Indoor Services

The housekeeping teams at Serenity's are ready to bring some sparkle back into your space.  From general cleaning to complete replenishment , we will take your space and make it look new.  We also have a team of professional interior decorators who can make any space unique, whether working with a blank canvas, or an existing property just needing a special touch.  Our services are available in various frequencies to suite your needs and we are available 7 days a week.  Join our Loyalty Program for exclusive discounts, and let us transform your Oasis while you kick up your feet. 

General Housekeeping

Cleaning - Disinfecting

Dusting - Organizing

Vacuuming - Sweeping

 Mopping - Waxing

Dish Washing -  Laundry

Bedding - Linens


Our housekeeping services include:


*One Time/As Needed*

*Seasonal/Vacation Rentals*


*Residential & Commercial*

Deep Cleaning

Upholstery Stain Removal 

  Pet Hair/Odor Removal

Carpet Steam/Shampooing

Tile/Grout Restoration

Fireplace - Ovens

Baseboards - Vents

Washers - Dryers

Refrigerators- Freezers


We offer deep cleaning services for:

*HOA/Housing Communities*

*Private Properties*

*Seasonal/Vacation Rentals*

*Post Construction*

*Move In/Move Outs*

*Residential & Commercial*

Interior Decorating

Full Home Layouts

Visual Concepts

Aesthetic Enhancements

    Art/Furniture Placement   

Potted Plants - Floral Arrangements

Counter-Top Herb Gardens


To find out more about our services:

Give us a call.


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