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'Serene Aura' -By Sowm

Our Brand

Our 'Serene Aura' arrangements are made to do exactly as the name says; bring a serene aura to any space in which they are placed.  Each of our individual designs is one of a kind, and each one is hand made to ensure a high degree of care & uniqueness. Our works are aesthetically pleasing, as well as spiritually cleansing to the mind, body, and soul. We believe that one’s environment has a dramatic & drastic impact on their overall well-being, and we aim to have our décor bring a touch of peace into your surroundings. Our company’s overall mission has always been to turn your home into an oasis, and “bring serenity in”. ‘Serene Aura’ accomplishes just that.


Our 'Serene Aura' arrangements are widely inspired by Joyce Shaw, our mother/grandmother/great grandmother.  Ms. Joyce was a world renowned, distinguished master of ‘Ikebana’, the Japanese philosophy of art through nature. She formed the St. Andrew Chapter (156) of Ikebana International in Jamaica during the 70’s. It was the first chapter to gain notoriety & official recognition in the Caribbean. Her scholastic knowledge of the art through the Sogetsu School, combined with her own personal flare for harmonious plant placement, attracted the attention of countless starving artists in international horticulture, but namely, her children, and grand children. We've closely followed her teachings throughout childhood and into adulthood, developing a sharp attention to fine detail by practicing arrangements with her over the years. Today, Joyce’s spirit can be felt in every ‘Serene Aura’ design, but namely in the special ‘Joyce’s Touch’ Collection, crafted especially in her memory. The aura illuminating from each piece touches anyone who encounters it with a serene energy, bringing an immediate sense of peace and tranquility, just as Ms. Joyce would’ve done.

Ikebana Master: Joyce Shaw

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